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Check out Fashion Mumblr's new smile by Dr.TCC

Skip to 14min.51sec to see how Fashion Mumblr's (463k YouTube subscribers and 198k Instagram followers) smile was transformed with #compositebonding by Dr. Tom.

Following Invisalign, Josie aka Fashion Mumblr was unhappy with the gaps between her teeth so chose to have composite bonding to close these gaps, but do so in a way that's really gentle to your natural teeth.

Composite Bonding can be thought of like a 'gel nail' for your teeth. Filling material is applied artistically to the teeth to close up gaps, make teeth smoother removing ridges, removing chips and uneven edges and also improving symmetry and brightness.

So you end up with a veneer type look but your teeth don't have to be drilled down to stubs to achieve it!

No injections, no drilling and most importantly no pain!

Firstly Dr. Tom does a mock-up to make sure you're happy with the new shape and appearance.

Then does it for real, in just one session - typically in around 2 hours! So you can have a brand new smile within the same day!

This process is also significantly more affordable than porcelain veneers.

Contact us to book a mock-up - we're offering 10 free ones this February.

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