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What is Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding has revolutionised cosmetic dentistry as a more affordable alternative to Porcelain Veneers. Put simply, it is the use of applying composite (or filling) material to the teeth artistically to create the look of veneers. Composite can be applied to the whole front surface of the tooth, known as Composite Veneers; or just to the edges, this is known as Composite Edge Bonding.

With no drilling, there's no pain and the material is added to the natural teeth without having to change their shape. It can fill gaps, increase symmetry, replace worn edges, even our the colour and even brighten the shade. It means you can have a brand new smile in just one appointment. 

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Composite Veneers we're created - with no change to the shape of his natural teeth - to fill gaps, increase symmetry and brighten his smile, in just one 2 hour appointment.

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