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Transforming Instagram Blogger @TheBretonBird 's smile

It was an absolute pleasure treating Rachel, aka @TheBretonBird the Instagram fashion and beauty influencer. Rachel didn't like the fact one of her teeth were stained yellow from a self-professed tea drinking habit and that one of her front teeth protruded further out than the others.

Firstly, we whitened her teeth and she was delighted with the results! She was looking for a not "too white", natural result - and the beauty with our whitening treatment is that you wear the whitening gels at home (either for 30-60 minutes or overnight for a number of days depending on agreed treatment plans), so you can build up the level of brightness as you desire.

We then took to addressing the protruding tooth situation. We discussed options and Rachel was keen to address the issue very quickly - so we opted for a same day treatment - applying Composite Veneers to even out the surfaces, smooth any chips on the edges and most importantly to Rachel, balance out the front tooth and increase symmetry. Composite Veneers is basically using filling material to apply to the tooth to smooth and change the appearance of the teeth. The beauty is, we don't need to do any drilling, or filing down and don't need to give any injections - and best of all, it can be done in one appointment. It can also be very affordable, especially compared to porcelain veneers.

On top of all this, we can do a 'trial smile' - where we place a mock-up on the teeth showing how the composite veneers will look before setting them. We can then make any adjustments to make sure we're both perfectly happy before we go ahead. And in the majority of cases, the veneers are reversible and the composite can be removed.

Get in touch to discuss composite veneers and testing out a 'trial smile' today.

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Instagram Blogger The Breton Bird

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