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Invisalign with Instagram Blogger, Katherine Ormerod

Katherine came to see me just 3 months ago, unhappy with her self-professed 'snaggle' tooth - a tooth sticking out to the side of her front teeth. She decided to go ahead with Invisalign which is an excellent solution to changing the position of teeth quickly, affordably and also fitting in with your lifestyle.

People barely notice you wearing the aligners as they're made of thin clear bendy plastic made by a 3D printer to perfectly fit your teeth (like a glove!). As you change between the stages of trays they gradually move your teeth to the straightened position we're looking for.

Before we start any treatment you can see a digital visualisation of the teeth before and after treatment, which really helps patients see what they can achieve in a relatively quickly time frame. And this is without the pain and discomfort of metal braces. Not to mention the embarrassment many people are put off by with metal train-tracks. You can also eat whatever you like with Invisalign, you simply take out the aligners when you're eating and put them back in after.

Katherine is really happy with the progress. Her teeth have been straightened up and that 'snaggle' tooth put firmly back in place within just 3 months. We're now doing a couple more weeks just to get an absolutely straight line before we put a metal 'retainer' on the back of the teeth - this is not visible when talking and just makes sure that when we have the teeth in the straight position we want, that we have the best chance of them staying exactly where they are.

Visit my Instagram highlight to watch Katherine's full progress here -

Katherine Ormerod Instagram blogger
Katherine Ormerod, Instagram blogger kicks off Invisalign

Before Invisalign
Katherine Ormerod before Invisalign

Katherine Ormerod after Invisalign

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