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How to get the perfect Wedding Day smile

Dr. Tom gave an interview with Th&Th Bridesmaids on how to get the perfect wedding day smile if you're looking to have cosmetic dentistry. Here's a copy of his interview... Having a great smile can make a huge difference to the way you feel, your self-confidence, and the way that other people react to you. So, it’s no wonder thousands of brides use their wedding day as a reason to get their teeth done! So we thought it would be great to get a bit more understanding from top H

Transforming Instagram Blogger @TheBretonBird 's smile

It was an absolute pleasure treating Rachel, aka @TheBretonBird the Instagram fashion and beauty influencer. Rachel didn't like the fact one of her teeth were stained yellow from a self-professed tea drinking habit and that one of her front teeth protruded further out than the others. Firstly, we whitened her teeth and she was delighted with the results! She was looking for a not "too white", natural result - and the beauty with our whitening treatment is that you wear the wh

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